Why Sports Stars are Buying Trampolines

Why Sports Stars are Buying Trampolines

When you think of a professional athlete’s training routine, you probably don’t instantly think of a trampoline. However, athletes from across the sporting spectrum are increasingly finding ways to incorporate trampolines into their usual training. It turns out that the trampoline is actually a very versatile piece of equipment which can be used to help athletes to train in a variety of different areas.

The increasing popularity of trampolines amongst professional athletes is a ringing endorsement of their potential as a piece of training equipment. Sites like Scoopquest review trampolines and have made great mention of their potential as training equipment. If the professionals are finding such value in adding a trampoline into their training equipment rotation, then is it something that every amateur athlete and fitness fanatic should consider? To answer that question, let’s take a closer look at just why sports stars are jumping on (sorry) the trampoline bandwagon.

Simulate Weightlessness

Athletes who take part in certain sports, such as snowboarding or skateboarding, benefit hugely from being able to train in conditions which approximate the conditions of actually competing in their chosen sport as closely as possible. In some cases this is trivially easy, runners have access to the tracks they compete on, marathon runners can practice the very same routes that they will run on, and footballers will do most of their training on the pitch that they most regularly play on.

However, sometimes recreating some or all of the conditions that an athlete will face is more tricky and requires specialist equipment. The trampoline is finding lots of use amongst the board sports (skateboarding, snowboarding, etc.) as a means of simulating being airborne and weightless. Trampolines allow them to focus on their technique in pulling different tricks off without having to generate any air first.

If you have a young child who you think could benefit from a trampoline, take a look at this great resource for children from Scoopquest.

Train All Year Round

The other common problem that many athletes face when trying to devise a training routine, is that the weather and seasons prohibit training for much of the year. One of the key benefits of investing in a trampoline is that they can be used all year round, athletes are therefore able to practice whenever they need to, they are no longer at the mercy of the weather. Training on a trampoline when the usual or preferred training venue is unavailable allows athletes to maintain their peak physical fitness.


By pairing a trampoline with different trampoline-specific accessories, athletes can customize their trampoline experience so that it provides maximum benefits to the user. When it comes to board sports, many manufacturers now sell trampoline-specific boards which are designed for training on. This customizability, coupled with the increasing range of trampoline-specific accessories is helping to make them popular training tools.

More and more sports stars are turning to trampolines in order to give them another advantage over their rivals. Those without trampolines are more limited in the kind of training that they can do. If you’re looking to raise your game, then try making a trampoline part of your training equipment